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Everything you like about organic milk. Nothing you don’t.

organic milk

Use organic milk in a product recipe and you risk an unreliable supply, you’re limited to a short shelf life, there’s little versatility, and yields are low.

But use Concentrated Organic Milk – only from Mentmore Foods – and you can enjoy all the benefits of organic credentials for your recipe, together with guaranteed,

consistent supply, longer shelf life, excellent versatility and better yields.

Real organic milk, but concentrated. Only from Mentmore Foods

Concentrated Organic Milk from Mentmore Foods is a high quality ingredient that opens up enormous possibilities for your new product development.

The concentration process gives it a longer shelf life than ordinary organic milk, and helps to guarantee its availability. So you can create new products that are more attractive to retailers and consumers, safe in the knowledge that the ingredient will be consistently and reliably available.

Milking the possibilities

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