Fresh Cheese

Mentmore Foods Product Lists

Our range of fresh cheeses comprises soft cheeses, fromage frais, cottage cheese and mascarpone. 

Soft Cheese

Full fat soft cheese made with 30% butterfat .Medium fat soft cheese made with 12% butterfat. Low fat soft cheese made with 7% butterfat .

American style full fat soft cheese with 30% butterfat. American style low fat soft cheese with 7% butterfat.


Fromage Frais, Cottage Cheese and Mascarpone

Fromage Frais: choose from very low fat fromage frais (quarg), ultrafiltrated, made with 0.5% fat, and Fromage frais, ultrafiltratedn made with 7% butterfat.

Cottage Cheese: a rich blend of fresh curd pieces in a cream dressing

Mascarpone: a mild, smooth, italian-style full fat cream cheese made with 38% butterfat

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