Evaporated Milk

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Evaporated Milk


Modern manufacturing methods enable us to offer this product, which is fresh-tasting, ambient temperature stable and has a long shelf life. 

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art dairy specialising in UHT milk products, it is

made by evaporating the raw milk to drive off some of the moisture, heating at ultra high temperature for a very short time,

and (in a controlled atmosphere) packing into sterile bags which are placed in boxes. The resulting Evaporated Milk is unsweetened and is an entirely natural product.

Historically developed as a means of preserving milk without the addition of sugar, it was made by literally evaporating-off some of the moisture to leave a thicker, richer, more concentrated liquid, which was then canned, and cooked at a high temperature for a relatively long period of time gave a strong cooked milk flavour, and a dark creamy colour. In the days before refrigeration, this was used instead of fresh milk, or as a cream substitute, and was often reconstituted back to fresh milk equivalent by adding water. 

Versatility in Use

Today’s evaporated milk is much fresher tasting, making it much more versatile than the old fashioned canned evaporated milk.It is unsweetened, which makes it very versatile. It has many uses in food manufacture, in both savoury and sweet applications.  Chefs use it in sauces (both sweet and savoury), desserts, confectionery and in a wide variety of ready meals as well as other applications; in fact anything using milk!


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